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Website migration it’s one of the biggest challenges for a new customer. Most of the time website migration could be a difficult especially for beginners and new WordPress customers. That’s why we, at BrickellHost offer FREE website migration with all of our web hosting, reseller hosting even Cloud VPS plans, for all customers who have an existing website with another hosting provider and want to migrate to us.


Sign up with BrickellHost

Signup with any of our web hosting plans, and have your account will be activated instantly.


Provide your details

Login to your BrickellHost account and open support ticket with your old web hosting details.


Have your website migrated

Our team will start working on your website migration, so you have it hosted with BrickellHost.

Step #1: Setup your new hosting account

BrickellHost offers amazing web hosting deals on LiteSpeed servers, with FREE daily and weekly backups. Signing up it’s really easy.

Once you have account and web hosting active with BrickellHost, you are going to receive couple of emails, including your invoice and your new account details. Keep these emails for your own records, you may need them in future.

Note: Creating account and activating web hosting plan, does not automatically migrates your website and does not sends requests for FREE website migration.

Step #2: Getting your website ready for migration

Now that you have active web hosting account with BrickellHost, you can take advantage of our FREE website migration service that we offer with all hosting plans. You can simply request website migration by opening support ticket.

Our team will receive your request and will respond on your open ticket once everything is ready for migration.

Note: You must be logged in with your BrickellHost account to request website migration.

During this process, you will be asked to update your DNS records on your domain to point to our nameservers. Updating nameservers could take up to 24-48 hours.

Note: We highly recommend that not to make any changes and/or updates on your website during this website migration.

Step #3: Test and confirm

Once your website migration is completed by our team, you will be notified through support ticket. Now you will be asked to check your website on your new hosting account and make sure that everything is working.

Step #4: Cancel your old Hosting account

We highly recommend for you to keep your old web hosting account at least for a week, so you have access to your old files if you need them or if there was any issue during the website migration process.

Note: Do not cancel your domain with your registrar. You will need to cancel only your hosting service.

If you have any question, you can always contact our support and we’ll be more than a happy to help you.

Brickellhost customers reviews

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Colin Griffins

I am happy that I found this provider. Great prices for long terms is what i was looking for. They migrated my old website within a day free of charge! I would highly recommend it.

Lisa Phipps

I am so impressed by the professionalism, can do attitude and commitment to support by BrickelHost. I have experienced this company going above and beyond to get things right and very grateful.

Chiara Belviso

Awesome hosting and incredible support team that helps literally with everything you ask or need from simple question or request to complicated things. Thank you!

Frederick Alvarez

Good hosting and very honest. I bought a domain with my hosting plan and it was very easy to setup my new wordpress blog. I will highly recommend it especially for beginners.

David Luken

I have a very good experience with brickellhost and their service. The prices are great and recently i grabbed one of their deals with the same discounted renewal price so i have a discounted renewal YAY!

Roberto Gonzas

After trying many affordable hosting providers, my woocommerce site was always slow. Was looking for a provider with LiteSpeed server. I am really happy that I stumbled upon brickellhost. The performance was mind-blowingly good for the price.

Connor Rogers

There are good features for the price i paid especially the free website backup. I don't need to install any additional backup plugins on my wordpress site.