Private nameservers allow you to register your own nameservers. Using private nameservers is a good option if you sign up for a Reseller hosting or VPS hosting and you are hosting your own clients, so this way you can use your own brand name.

Example: If you have a domain name called, you will have an IP address provided by BrickellHost or you can purchase a dedicated IP to set up your private nameservers.

When you are setting up private nameservers, you will have the opportunity for your domain to be pointed to and Also, you can use the same private nameservers on your client’s accounts, so this way they are under your own brand name.

NOTE: Once you have your nameservers registered, do not forget to add them in your WHM control panel as and with the provided IP from BrickellHost.

What is the difference between private DNS and custom DNS?

  1. Private DNS servers are the nameservers based on your domain name. Example: you have in your account and the private nameservers will be and You can use any combinations for nameservers, instead of ns1 and ns2.
  2. Custom DNS is an option that allows you to point/connect your domain name to any nameservers including personal DNS.
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