Our cPanel web hosting, WordPress hosting, and Reseller hosting come with many 1-click applications and we have included 1-click WordPress installation to make it easier for our clients. You can install and manage WordPress installation through your cPanel account such as theme updates, plugin updates, WordPress core updates, and a lot more. In this quick guide, you can learn how to install WordPress through your cPanel account.

Install WordPress from the cPanel WordPress toolkit

1) Login to your cPanel

2) Scroll down to the preferences section and click on WordPress Toolkit

Once you click on it, you should see the message: You don’t have WordPress sites connected yet. Install a new WordPress site or scan to find existing ones

If you have any other WordPress websites, they will be listed here also.

3) Click on Install WordPress

Now you will have a popup screen where you have to enter all of your WordPress installation information. Here you can choose your domain name that will have a new WordPress installation, installation path, set your website title, WordPress version, and set your username, password, and email. Once you are done with that, you can click on install. It will take only a few seconds for a new WordPress installation to be completed.

If you prefer to use Softaculous, we have a full guide on how to install any application with it.

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