The following information is relating to the cPanel backups software being used for our Web hosting, WordPress Hosting and Reseller Hosting servers, JetBackup, as part of our Backup service. If you are using one of our Web hosting, WordPress hosting or Reseller hosting services, you have included FREE backup with your account.

What to do before restoring a backup

If you reviewing this knowledgebase article with the intent that you need to restore from a backup, it is always strongly encouraged that you back up the current state of the file/folder/database/etc prior to restoring. This is the common best practice by us to ensure that what you are restoring does not potentially override the current data with a backup that is potentially even more damaging. Always preserve the current state before proceeding with the steps below. For example, if you are restoring the files /public_html we recommend renaming this to /public_html.bak then restoring the /public_html from the backup, then reviewing, and once satisfied deleting the .bak.

To access JetBackup, log in to cPanel, and navigate to Files > JetBackup section.

Since we are backing up your files daily, you don’t have to set anything. This feature is automatically activated when you purchase hosting from BrickellHost.

What we are backing up daily and what you can restore:

  1. Full Account Backups
  2. Files Backups (Restore full public_html folder)
  3. Cron Jobs
  4. DNS Zone
  5. Databases
  6. Email accounts (Restore selected mailboxes)
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