Restore database with Acronis Backup

In this tutorial we will guide you how to restore your website files through Acronis Backup, from your cPanel – control panel.

Acronis Backup feature is not included by default in cPanel and might be missing from your account if you are hosting with a different web host. All BrickellHost customers should see Acronis Backup option in their hosting account’s cPanel.

1) To access Acronis, log in to cPanel, and navigate to Files > Acronis Backup.

Acronis backup and restore

2) Click on the date you want to restore (Since we have only daily backups, there should be only one, the latest backup)

Acronis restore in cpanel

3) Click on “Databases” and choose the Database that you want to restore and click on “Recover“.

Acronis database restore

Restore process might take a while, it depends on how many files you have and the size of your website, mailbox and/or database.

Note: We highly recommend that you have off-site backup and downloaded files before you attempt any type of restore including, database, files from public_html folder, mailboxes… etc.