How to install an SSL Certificate in cPanel

In this short article, we will cover how to install an SSL Certificate in cPanel.

What is SSL?

First, let’s look at what SSL stands for. It is the abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. This is actually a piece of code which enables a web server hosting your website to communicate securely with any web client or browser on the internet. SSL certificates guarantee that the traffic between server and client is secured through the power of encryption.

Whether you’re dealing with sensitive customer data (like payment details) or simply run an online store, it is generally a good practice to purchase an SSL Certificate. This will increase your site’s search engine rankings, boost customer trust and in turn increase potential sales. Another additional benefit is that SSL certificates help prevent data theft when dealing with sensitive information.

How to Install an SSL Certificate in cPanel

1) The first step is to Log-in to your cPanel account >> go to the Security section >> click on SSL/TLS Status

Install SSL from cPanel

2) Choose the domain you want to install SSL on (in our tutorial we have only one domain) click on Select all checkbox and Run AutoSSL button.

Install SSL from cPanel

This process it might take a few minutes to install SSL on your domain name and subdomains. In our tutorial SSL certificates are already installed on our test domain we use.

When you order web hosting services from BrickellHost, automatically SSL certificates are installed on your domain, and you don’t need to go through this process. When your SSL expires, it is auto renewed and auto installed on all of your domain names, you don’t need to login in your cPanel to install it.

We offer FREE and unlimited SSL certificates to cover all of your domain names.