How to change domain name on WordPress installation

When you are buying web hosting or managed WordPress hosting from BrickellHost, you have option to sign up with temporary subdomain (example: Signing up with temporary subdomain name, helps you to preview any website changes you make on your new website design at BrickellHost.

Once you are done with your development work and everything is ready to be launched, you can simply change your temporary subdomain, to the domain name you want to. In this tutorial we will go through simple steps how to change domain name on WordPress installation from your WordPress control panel.

Note: All of the settings in this tutorial are available only with Managed WordPress Hosting.

1) Login to your client area and navigate to your active Managed WordPress Hosting plan

2) Click on “Change Domain Name” tab

If you want to change the domain of your WordPress installation, you can select here the new one. Additionally, you can provide a new subdomain with the administrator password.

3) From the Domain dropdown you can choose to use any existing domain you have at BrickellHost or choose “Enter a new domain”

4) Enter your new domain (example:

5) Enter your new administrator password

Change domain name on WordPress installation

Note: We highly recommend you to select “Create backup” before any domain changes.