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How to restore website folders from cPanel backups

The following information is relating to the cPanel backups software being used for our Web hosting, WordPress Hosting and Reseller Hosting servers, JetBackup, as part of our Backup service. If you are using one of our Web hosting, WordPress hosting, or Reseller hosting services, you have included FREE backup with your account.

This backup service is not included with our Cloud VPS Hosting.

How to restore folders

1) Login to your cPanel account

Scroll down to the JetBackup section and then click on File Backups

Brickellhost.com - JetBackup - FREE Backup service

2) Choose the date you want to restore from, and click on the File Manager link

Restore backup from cPanel

3) Click on public_html folder, select the folder that you want to restore, and click on Restore selected.

Restore backup from cPanel

Once you click on Restore Selected, go back at the cPanel main screen and under Jetbackup section, click on Queue.

While you are at Queue section, you can find all processes that you have going through Jetbackup, such as manual backups and restorations.

Restore backup from cPanel

Once the restoration changes the status from Pending to Completed, your file is successfully restored.

Restore backup from cPanel