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Create Full Account Backup/Snapshot in cPanel

The following information is relating to the cPanel backups software being used for our Web hosting, WordPress Hosting and Reseller Hosting servers, JetBackup, as part of our Backup service. If you are using one of our Web hosting, WordPress hosting, or Reseller hosting services, you have included FREE backup with your account.

A snapshot is equivalent to a full account backup and contains a copy of all your files, databases, email accounts, etc. under your cPanel. By taking a Snapshot, you can generate a copy of your whole cPanel account from the time the Snapshot was taken.

Now let’s learn how to generate a Snapshot of our account in cPanel.

How to create a Full Account backup

1) Login to your cPanel account

Scroll down to the JetBackup section and then click on Snapshots

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2) Click on Create a new Snapshot button to generate a copy of your account.

create Full Account Backup/Snapshot in cPanel

Once your Snapshot backup is done, you can restore it or download it to your local PC.

Each customer is allowed to create only one (1) snapshot at a time. Every new snapshot replaces the old one.

Creating snapshots from your Full Account it’s useful if you need to create changes on your website for example. This way you will have a Full Account backup just in case something goes wrong during the website updates.

Each snapshot is kept only for five (5) days and automatically it’s removed.