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Few tips before you transfer domain name

Transferring a domain to Brickellhost it's easy. Our transfer process is automated and designed to ensure that your website doesn't go down during this process.


Domain validation

The domain name that you would like to transfer must be registered with another registrar for at least 60 days.


Domain is unlocked

The domain name must be in an unlocked status with the current registrar.


EPP Code

You must obtain authorization code (EPP) from your current registrar and enter it during the transfer process.

Free domain transfer and renewal

Transfer your domain name and renew it for additional year for free when you bundle it with any of our hosting plans.

Why transfer your domain to Brickellhost?

From starting your website to growing your brand, we've got your back. We provide easy to use management tool for all your domain names that you have registered with us.

Low-cost transfers

We are offering low cost transfer prices. This fee will also extend your domain's registration for additional year.

Domain locking

Secure your domain by locking it from your account and preven unauthorized transfers.

Renewal prices

You don't have to pay high price for renewal. We always offer great renewal prices.

Auto renewals

You will never forget to renew your domain name wit our auto renewal option.

Domain managemeent

It's easy manage your domain names from your client area.

Whois privacy

Do you want to add privacy on your domain? We'll protect your personal information with WHOIS privacy addon.

Domain transfer FAQs

Can i transfer my own domain name to Brickellhost.com?

Yes. If you have registered domain name with a different registrar you can transfer it to Brickellhost. By transferring your domain to us, will be extended for additional year for free.

Can i transfer domain from Wordpress.com?

Absolutely! Just make sure that your domain name is registered for more than a 60 days and it's unlocked with Wordpress.com

How to transfer domain without authorization code?

Most of the domains require authorization code or known as EPP code. This code is required during the domain transfer from one to another domain registrar. There is exception where some domains such as .UK don't require EPP code. If you are not sure if you need EPP code, you can contact your domain registrar to confirm this.

How long I have to wait before my Domain Name is transferred to Brickellhost?

Once a Domain Name transfer has been initiated, it might take anywhere between 2 - 7 business days to complete. During the domain transfer process you will not lose access to your website. There's zero downtime.

Can i transfer domain name for free?

Free Domain transfer service is offered only for certain domain extensions. If a client wants to transfer domain name for free, this is only possible with the purchase of hosting package.