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Top 5 Business benefits from Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Top 5 Business benefits from Fully Managed VPS Hosting

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If your business grows and you have an ecommerce website that is on shared hosting, then moving to Fully Managed VPS hosting shouldn’t be a choice, it should be necessary.

Once you have a lot of website traffic, a lot of online sales, then you should be taking care of your business, instead of managing your web hosting plan resources, or suffering on a shared web hosting plan and experiencing a lot of downtime.

Fully Managed VPS hosting is the most in-demand for companies that are looking to set up for their basic infrastructure. A Fully Managed VPS hosting may sound like you need to spend additional money but in reality, it saves you a lot in the longer run.

What is Fully Managed VPS hosting?

managed VPS, known as a fully Managed VPS, comes with the pre-install and pre-configured OS, required software, and apps. Here at BrickellHost, our Fully Managed VPS comes with pre-installed WHM (Web Host Manager) and 1 Free cPanel account. Also, you will get the latest updated OS (operating system) version for your VPS hosting.

When you order Managed VPS Hosting, we are taking care of your VPS server, any required updates and maintenance, so you can focus on your business.

Here are the top 5 business benefits from Fully Managed VPS hosting:

Dedicated resources

All shared hosting plans are good to begin with, but they all come with some sort of limitations on resources usage such as CPU usage, memory, inodes, storage limits. All of these resources are shared between all users that are hosting on the same server you are on. These types of limits are affecting your website loading time and speed, and of course your online business as well.

When your website is hosted on Managed VPS hosting, all of these resources are dedicated only to yourself. This means that all of your server resources are dedicated entirely to your business and you will not share CPU, memory, bandwidth with other users.

Website speed

When you are on shared hosting, your website performance will depend on the number of resources being used by other users that are hosted on the same server as you.

Fully Managed VPS hosting can give you better performance, speed, and loading times for your website compared to shared hosting at any time. If you are running an online ecommerce business, blog, or corporate website, then having Managed VPS hosting it’s necessary.

Security and server monitoring

Another benefit of fully managed VPS is that you will generally have a higher level of security than you would with a shared hosting plan.

Here at Brickellhost, we are monitoring your server 24/7, and we are performing all the necessary security configurations for you. This allows you the time to work on your business, without being bogged down by technical issues.


Another benefit is that all of our Fully Managed VPS hosting plans are highly scalable. If your website experiences a surge in traffic during Black Friday promotions for example, or if you are expecting higher web traffic than usual, you need to be able to scale your server resources to meet the increasing traffic demands.

Here at Brickellhost, we can change the resources allocated to your server (i.e. CPU, RAM, Disk space) very easily and without downtime.

Affordability and Value

VPS server usually costs more than shared hosting, but it’s really not that much to invest in if your business is growing, and has a lot of website traffic.

When you look at the advantages of fully managed VPS over shared hosting, you can quickly see why a VPS is a much better value for your business.

The fact that the VPS server is run by us, and we taking care of any problems on your server, is almost a priceless benefit for you. Having fully managed VPS hosting provides you amazing technical support of the other end of the line when you need it, and sometimes can be a lifesaver.


All in all, a managed virtual private server is the perfect solution for small business owners. There is nothing like having the peace of mind that your website is in good hands and that somebody else is taking care of the technical hassles for you. Your job is to grow your business and in order to do that in today’s competitive market, you need to have a fast and secure website and a reliable hosting provider with quality services and excellent support.

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