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Install WordPress with WordPress toolkit

install WordPress using cPanel WordPress toolkit

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In this article, we’ll go through all the steps on how to quickly and easily install WordPress on your domain using the cPanel WordPress toolkit. The cPanel WordPress Toolkit provides an easy-to-use interface directly within cPanel that you can use to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites.

What is WordPress toolkit?

WordPress toolkit is a rich management tool that allows you to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites. Additionally, at Brickellhost we are including WordPress toolkit deluxe version which allows you to clone and stage WordPress websites.

Features included

  • All of your WordPress websites are in a single dashboard – view the update and security status of all sites alongside easily accessible site management tools.
  • Customizable installation – Install new WordPress websites in seconds. Each website can be customized before installation. These customizations include the installation path, website title, administrator details, database name and password, and automatic update settings.
  • 1-Click Login – Log in to the admin dashboard of any installed WordPress website with a single click.
  • Automatic Security Hardening – During the installation, automatically is applied a number of security enhancements that include limiting access to sensitive files, turning off pingbacks, configuring security keys, and more.
  • Debug Management – Quickly activate WordPress debugging modes from the website’s dashboard.
  • Plugin and Theme Installation – Automatically install the predefined plugins and theme sets when a website is installed.
  • Auto Updates – Setup auto updates on your themes and plugins from with a single click.
  • Clone and Staging – Now you can clone or stage any WordPress website that is installed on your domains or subdomains with a simple one-click.

Smart WordPress updates

Have you ever updated WordPress installation or plugins and realized the horror that the updates broke your website? Now you can create staging version of your WordPress website and test all new updates. But with Smart Updates, it’s even easier by automating the entire update process.

When you trigger Smart Updates, automatically is created a clone of your website, runs a series of tests, updates the clone, returns the test, and gives you a report in your dashboard that allows you to visually compare your website, before and after updates so you know if everything went well. If all looks and works well, you can confirm the new updates, WordPress toolkit updates the main website and cleans up the cloned version. It’s all done with a single click!

How to install WordPress?

To install WordPress using the cPanel WordPress toolkit, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your cPanel account
  2. In the DOMAINS section, click on WordPress toolkit or you can type “WordPress toolkit” in the search bar
  3. install WordPress using cPanel WordPress toolkit
  4. The next page is the WordPress toolkit dashboard. click on INSTALL here
    install WordPress using cPanel WordPress toolkit
  5. When you click on install, you will see a popup window on the left side, where you can customize your installation.
    • Installation path – You can choose the path on the WordPress installation (it is recommended to leave it empty if you are installing it on the main domain name)
    • Website title – Specify the title of your site.
    • Plugin/theme set – You can optionally select a package of plugins and themes to install.
    • Website language – In this box select the language for the site (default is English).
    • In the Version list box, select the WordPress version you want to install.
    • WordPress Administrator – Type the username, password and email that you want to use to log in to the website.
    • Database – You can rename your database information here, or leave it the way it is if you are not sure what this is and how database works.
    • Automatic Update Settings – By default all Themes, Plugins and WordPress installation updates are set on AUTO. You do not need to change any of these settings unless you do not need auto updates.
      install WordPress using cPanel WordPress toolkit
  6. Click on INSTALL and the new WordPress installation will begin. cPanel begins the installation and provides a progress indicator:
    install WordPress using cPanel WordPress toolkit
  7. After the installation, you’ll see a popup message to notify you that your WordPress installation was successfully completed and you can optionally install additional plugins:
    install WordPress using cPanel WordPress toolkit
  8. Now that WordPress is installed, you can use the WordPress Toolkit to help manage your site.


WordPress toolkit it’s a great one-click app to install, manage, clone, stage or update all of your WordPress websites without logging into each website to complete these tasks. This tool it’s a great solution if you manage multiple websites under the same cPanel account, if you are beginner and you just need a simple solution to do this task without worrying about breaking your website.

Note: WordPress toolkit is included with all Brickellhost hosting services, shared, reseller and Managed VPS. If you are using different hosting provider, contact them and see if this tool is available on your account.

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