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Imunify360: Real-time website monitoring and security

Imunify360: Real-time website monitoring and security

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Brickellhost is proud to announce that is officially partnered up with Imunify360 and now all web hosting and reseller hosting plans include Imunify360 – an intelligent firewall that takes your website to the next level with real-time website monitoring and security.

What is Imunify360?

Imunify360 is a powerful all-in-one solution that provides real-time website monitoring and security for websites that are running on PHP, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and other CMS websites, which are vulnerable to web attacks. With only a few lines of code, hackers can inject malware into your website.

What are the benefits of Imunify360?

Imunify360 constantly collects and processes large amounts of information about new attacks from servers all over the world. Analyzes the web traffic that comes to your website, understands all security threats and uses powerful AI technology to update its rules and prevent malicious attacks that harm your website and your data.

Explore Imunifuy360 Features

  1. Advanced firewall with cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence for detecting new threats and protecting all servers that run the software –  capable of defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, and port scans.
  2. Intrusion Detection and Protection System –  comprehensive collection of “deny” policy rules for blocking all known attacks.
  3. Malware Scanning – automatic scanning file systems for malware injection and cleaning up infected files.
  4. Website Reputation Monitoring – analyzing if web-site or IPs are blocked by any blacklists and notifying if they are.
  5. Proactive Defense – Proactive Defense protects websites running PHP, against zero-day attacks by blocking potentially malicious executions automatically and with zero latency.

Imunify360 uses machine learning technology and algorithms to identify patterns of abnormal behavior in real-time and prevent new web attacks.

Free malware scanner for your entire cPanel account

Whether it’s PHP vulnerabilities, poorly coded plugins, malware, or brute-force attacks, Imunify360 provides all-level enterprise protection. It scans your entire cPanel account for malware, blocks ongoing brute-force attacks, and cleans up injections from your code.

With Imunify360, you can proactively protect your applications from sophisticated attacks that would otherwise silently compromise your website, inject malicious code, and potentially exfiltrate data for months.

WordPress account compromise prevention

Includes security settings for WordPress websites when users use weak account passwords listed in brute-force vocabulary. It takes a user that is trying to log in to WordPress with a weak password, onto a special page with an alert message and forces to reset a password to prevent unauthorized account use.

Website monitoring and security

Imunify360’s integration between real-time website monitoring and security, malware scanner, file antivirus, automated cleanup tool, and the proactive defense leaves malware no chance to be dropped and run on your website. The malware scanner will detect and clean up any malicious injections and web-shells from both files and databases keeping your websites operational.

Imunify360: Ultimate Security for WordPress

How does the malware scan and removal works?

Imunify360 runs daily scans on the entire server, every website, and every uploaded file on all cPanel accounts. If there are any infected files with injected codes that are part of WordPress installation or any other CMSs platform, automatically they will be cleaned up and the original files will be kept.

If there are infected files that are uploaded by a hacker, or by a user and not being part of any CMS platform, they will be completely removed.

All of this work is done automatically by Imunify360. The users are not required to do anything on their end. 

How to setup and use Imunify360 on cPanel?

You don’t. Imunify360 is a completely automated real-time website monitoring and security solution that works efficiently out of the box. Once you sign up for web hosting or reseller hosting, your cPanel account will be automatically setup with Imunify360.

All new and existing clients using our web hosting or reseller hosting solutions are now automatically protected using Imunify360. No additional action is required. You’ll notice a new Immunify360 button available in your cPanel, allowing you to view any quarantined threats that were detected.

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