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How to choose Web Hosting provider and what to look for?

How to choose Web Hosting provider and what to look for?

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How to choose Web Hosting provider and what to look for?

Looking for a web hosting provider is not an easy task. This is because there are a lot of things you should look at before choosing a suitable one. You want to get the best possible value and still enjoy everything that’s in the package. In this article we’ll cover what to look for in a web hosting provider.

How to choose web hosting?

The first thing you should do is research hosting providers. Look for reviews and make sure to read the comments because they are authentic by verified customers. Also, look out for fake reviews trying to get you to buy hosting from a certain provider.

Another thing to look at is the hardware and network capacity of your hosting provider. You want a reliable and stable hosting provider that doesn’t overload its servers so your website can be as fast as possible.

For security, you want a hosting provider that offers Free daily backups so if something bad happens like getting hacked, you don’t lose your whole website and can restore it easily from backup files.

For speed, you want a hosting provider that offers Free LiteSpeed with cache so that whenever someone visits your website, it loads instantly and doesn’t have any downtime or errors.

And finally for malware protection, you want a hosting provider that offers Free malware scanner and removal because everybody gets hacked at some point in time due to vulnerabilities in plugins or themes or even WordPress core so you need all the help you can get when it comes to protecting yourself against security breaches because hackers will try any way possible just to hack into your site no matter what platform or script it’s running on because they want access to your information such as email addresses which they can use for spamming purposes, credit card details which they use for fraud and identity theft etc…

What to look for?

When you’re looking to choose a web hosting company, it is imperative that you look for certain features. These features are necessary in order to host your website and keep your data secure. Some of these features include Free daily backups, Free LiteSpeed webserver with cache, uptime guaranteed and in-house support.

Other important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting provider include:

  1. Free malware scanner and removal
  2. Free website migration from other hosting providers
  3. Free domain names

Free daily backups

When you get your website files and databases up and running, you need to make sure that they are backed up properly.

Backups are an important component of any storage solution, but they aren’t the same thing as archives. A backup is a copy of something (e.g., files or database records) that can be used if the original version is lost or damaged. An archive is a collection of items that have been gathered together to preserve them for future reference or use.

Backups should be created automatically at regular intervals, and the frequency of backups depends on how frequently you make changes to your website. Generally speaking, if your site doesn’t change very often then it’s probably sufficient to perform backups once per day; however, if you upload new content multiple times per day then it may be necessary to perform backups more frequently than this.

Most hosts offer automated daily backups as standard, but some also offer additional options such as weekly and monthly backups — in which case we’d recommend sticking with daily or weekly options at most because monthly backups don’t provide much protection if you have data that changes frequently on your site.

Here at Brickellhost we offer free daily and weekly backups that are stored on off-site remote servers. All users have access to restore a single file, entire website of full cPanel account. Besides automated backups, we are providing real-time 1-click snapshot from full cPanel account. Snapshots are necessary especially if you are updating your website and something goes wrong, you can restore it back with 1-click.

LiteSspeed web server with cache

In the world of web hosting, being slow is just… not cool. And when you’re trying to build a successful business, keeping your customers hanging around is pretty much everything.

So if you want a website that loads fast and has high search engine rankings, you need to go with LiteSpeed web servers instead of Apache servers. LiteSpeed servers are faster, more stable, and can handle more traffic than Apache servers can.

LiteSpeed web servers are up to 10x faster than Apache web servers. That’s because they’re designed to make your content load quickly and without errors. This means that your pages will load in fewer seconds than they would on an Apache server—which is good news for impatient users who will leave if a page takes too long to load!

All our web hosting plans are on LiteSpeed web servers that supports HTTP/3, memcached enabled and Free Quic.Cloud CDN to boost WordPress websites speed and loading time.

In-House support

When choosing a web hosting company, you will see that the most important factor is their support. It should be available at any time and if it is not, stay away from such web hosting companies. Support should be in-house because they have more knowledge and better control over issues and problems that may pop up rather than having outsourced support. It should also be as fast as possible. The faster the support is, the better off your website will be when there are problems.

You want a host who has patience with you even if you feel like the problem or situation was not your fault at all or maybe it was but regardless, someone who helps you out without making fun of or belittling things in any way so it does not affect your experience and websites performance negatively since that’s probably why people come back anyways!

Support staff need to provide answers quickly because time is money when running an online business especially if something has gone wrong where no one can access anything on your site! If this happens then customers lose trust which means less sales which leads us back into having lost time while waiting around for technical difficulties being resolved with our hosted websites 🙂 So yes – good tech support service really does matter!!

Free malware scanner and removal

Every website gets hacked at some point. If you think you’re immune, you’re just kidding yourself.

So don’t go cheap on your web hosting. You want to be sure they offer Free malware scanner and removal because if something goes wrong and your site gets hacked, nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars to get it fixed.

We don’t want hackers getting their hands on our names, emails, addresses and credit card details. They’ve got enough already!

That’s why it’s important when looking into hosting providers that offer free malware scanning services for clients who purchase their services so make sure this feature is included before making any decision about purchasing a plan from any particular company.

This should not be confused with an antivirus protection program which typically runs locally on your computer, but rather something similar to the malware scanner available at no cost through Google Chrome Extensions page under “Chrome Web Store”.

Free domain names

It is important that you choose web hosting that offer free domain name because these can get quite expensive if you decide to buy them separately, especially if you are just starting your online business. Having domain name registered with different registrar it could be a hassle since you have to point your web hosting  nameservers to the domain. This is called propagation and it takes up to 48 hours for a domain name to fully propagate so you website can be available to the public.

Having domain name registered with the hosting provider it’s instantly available and pointed to your website. Also, if there are some issues related with the domain name and/or your website, it’s easier and quicker for the hosting provider to help you and solve that same issue.

Web hosting companies recognize the importance of having a domain name. This is why they have made it very easy for clients to get their own unique domains. A popular way to do this is by offering free domains with all web hosting plans. As a client, you should be able to use any available domain name of your choice.

At Brickellhost we offer Free domain names for the first year with all web hosting plans, and they are available for all new customers that are just starting their online business.

Free website migration from other hosting providers

The process of moving the website from one hosting provider to another is called website migration. Website migration can be a very complicated, time consuming and expensive task. That’s why it should be done only by professional web developers.

When it comes to web hosting providers, Brickellhost has been a leader in providing web hosting services since 2020.

You can rely on our highly trained professionals to safely move your entire website from any other hosting provider to Brickellhost absolutely free of charge!

The benefits of this service are enormous:

  • Our experts will make sure that the process will go smoothly and fast without causing any downtime or loss of data. It usually takes 24-48 hours to complete the migration process; however, we always do our best to minimize that time frame as much as possible;
  • You won’t have to deal with technical issues related to your website because we will take care of everything for you;
  • Your monthly fee for web hosting services won’t change after transferring your site from another host.

Choose Brickellhost for your hosting provider

  • You can choose only one hosting provider, who is reliable and provides the best services at an affordable price.
  • BrickellHost is a top web hosting platform that provides excellent services and the best support team in the industry.
  • Brickellhost offers great services like Free daily backups, Free LiteSpeed web servers with cache, in-house support, Free malware scanner with removal and a lot more.
  • And not to forget, Brickellhost won award for being the best web hosting provider in 2021 by people’s choice.

Why choose Brickellhost for your hosting provider

Why choose Brickellhost? Because we’re the best! For real though, we do it all. We’re one of only a few providers that offer such a robust collection of services bundled into a single plan. Plus, we provide enterprise-grade support to each and every one of our customers for any type of assistance that you may need throughout your time as a customer.

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