How BrickellHost’s Web Hosting Beats the Competition

How BrickellHost's Web Hosting Beats the Competition

Every web hosting provider has a “starter or beginners” packages with the bare minimum necessary features for hosting. As we know often the pricing will be so low, almost to unbelievable. There’s always a catch.

BrickellHost’s Lite plan has been built for real-world hosting. Of course, you will get more resources with the Pro and Premium plans, but even the basic Lite plan was meant to be fast for every user out there. And here’s why.

SSD Storage on all plans

Most of us already knows that SSD drives are 10x faster than a traditional Hard Drives. All of our web hosting and managed WordPress hosting plans comes with SSD storage drives. When your website is hosted on SSD drive, it loads 10x faster when your visitors are accessing it.

LiteSpeed Included with ALL Plans

Most of the hosting providers just use Apache as their web server and few of them are using NGINX. Only few hosting providers offers LiteSpeed web hosting. Those that offers LiteSpeed hosting are restricting it with their higher plans only. And of course, to access the higher tiers of performance offered by LiteSpeed, you need to pay a lot more.

If you don’t know what LiteSpeed servers are, i have written article here.

However, our web hosting plans are exception compared to the others. We offer LiteSpeed server performance on ALL of our plans. We are not “restricting it” behind higher plans. Even our Lite plan comes with LiteSpeed server performance. That’s what makes BrickellHost different than other web hosting providers.

The reason why other hosting providers are not offering LiteSpeed on every plan is because this is not a free product, unlike Apache server. So to recoup their costs, web hosting providers reserve LiteSpeed hosting for higher-paying accounts. The benefits are obvious. But the lower-end hosting products get left out with poor performance.

BrickellHost has chosen to offer LiteSpeed servers with ALL web hosting plans. This alone beats out the competition.

Server-Caching for Every user

The benefits of LiteSpeed extend beyond just faster page processing and performance. Also allows all hosting plans to make use of server caching. With BrickellHost’s hosting, server caching is available to everyone, starting with the Lite plan.

Other web hosting providers are offering server caching on a higher and expensive plans. But all it means is that they are holding back the performance of basic web hosting.

BrickellHost on the other hand ensures that even the Lite plan is powered by LiteSpeed server.

FREE & Auto Backups

This is another “advanced” feature that other web hosting providers are holding back from basic plans or up-sell it as a extra feature for the basic plans they offer.

BrickellHost does offer FREE & Automatic backups for ALL web hosting plans, Lite, Pro & Premium. Here are also included our Reseller web hosting and managed WordPress hosting plans. We know how important is to have a backup from your website, so we decided to included it for FREE for everyone.

BrickellHost offers FREE & Auto daily backups, with 1-Click restore from your cPanel – control panel.

FREE & Unlimited SSL Certificates

And this is another “advanced” feature that other hosting providers are not offering it for free with their basic plans, instead you have to pay extra, just to have SSL certificate installed on your website.

BrickellHost offers FREE & Unlimited SSL certificates with ALL web hosting plans, on all of your domain names. When you order web hosting from BrickellHost, your SSL automatically will be installed on your domain name, and automatically renewed when it expires. We do it all for your, so you can focus on your business and building your business website.


These are just a few unique features that makes BrickellHost different than other web hosting providers even with the basic, Lite plan. The higher plans are offering more resources, and some additional perks, but the real game-changers like LiteSpeed, server-caching, and backups are available to everyone on ALL hosting plans.

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