Create a temporary subdomain name for your website

Create a temporary domain name


If you have a WordPress site hosted at another provider, you don’t want to change your DNS at the other hosting provider until your website is completely configured at BrickellHost, you can now use temporary subdomain name.

To help you test your website before switching nameservers, you can now use a subdomain to create your website at BrickellHost. Then when you’re ready to go live with your website, you can easily switch your nameservers to BrickellHost, and have it hosted on your new web hosting account.

The following describes how to create a temporary subdomain at BrickellHost for your WordPress website hosted with another provider.

Why use a subdomain?

Our system gives you the opportunity to use a temporary subdomain for your website before you go live. Creating a subdomain allows you to migrate your entire website and ensure it’s functioning properly before you make it live at BrickellHost. You can then update the nameservers to point to BrickellHost, which avoids any downtime when changing your nameservers.

This is a subdomain attached to BrickellHost-owned domain name. It’s recommended for your to use your main domain name as a subdomain, if you want to take advantage of our subdomain options. Ex: (This is going to be your temporary live URL at BrickellHost)

It is not recommended to use this subdomain for a long period of time as it has no SEO value, but it is a great solution if you have not yet selected your website’s domain, or you are working on a new version of your website while the old one is up and running. If you choose the option to use a temporary subdomain, select Use a subdomain from BrickellHost at checkout and enter your domain name as a subdomain.

Creating a subdomain

1) Choose your web hosting or wordpress hosting plan.

2) Click “Order Now” from the pricing table, on the plan you want it

3) Click on “Use a subdomain from BrickellHost”

4) Click on “Check”

Use a subdomain from BrickellHost
Use a subdomain from BrickellHost

If your subdomain it is available to register it, you will be transferred to the next page, where you can complete your order.

Is it a good idea to have a temporary subdomain?

Yes it is a good idea to have a subdomain and it helps a lot, while you work on your staging website. We have customers coming from other hosting providers, and they want or they need their current website to stay live while they are working on a new website design. But when they are switching between web hosting providers, always has been hard for them to keep the live website and work on a staging website.

That’s why here at BrickellHost, me personally loved the idea of bringing the option for everyone to have temporary subdomain name while opening a new web hosting account.

If you have a temporary subdomain with BrickellHost, and you are ready to switch to your primary domain name, just open a support ticket with our customer support, and we’ll get it switched for you.

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