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Choose a Web Hosting for your website in 2021

Choose a Web Hosting for your website in 2021

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Are you trying to choose a web hosting for your website? Web hosting plays important role on your online presence which can kick start your business or can get you left behind if you make the wrong choice.

After realizing how important is to choose a web hosting for your website, you will need actually to find one that offers the latest technology, high security protection and being flexible.

Understanding how to choose a web hosting

What aspects makes a great web hosting provider? Is it speed, security, stability, uptime? How about the quality of the customer support? Every single aspect is very important for a hosting provider to be great. Also, not every single website is the same, or some businesses are different than the others.

Maybe it’s a little bit confusing when you need to choose a web hosting for your website. We created a short detailed list with 5 important features to have for your website and help you choose a web hosting:

Choose a web hosting based on Uptime

We are committed to provide reliable and stable web hosting solutions. Since uptime it’s very important, we monitor our servers 24/7 so that our customers can be assured that their website stays online while they grow their business. This is our top priority and that’s why we offer and guarantee 99.9% uptime on our servers.

30-Days money back guarantee

If you are trying to choose a web hosting for your business website it might be confusing and overwhelming. We would like to build a partnership with you and any other customers we have. For that reason we want you to try our web hosting services for 30 days – for FREE, so you can take a look around, and explore all of the features we have to offer.

If you are not happy with our services or anything else within your first 30 days, we’ll refund your money. Hassle – Free and no questions asked.

Our customer support is with you

Having customer support that is available to help you, eases a lot of stress out of managing your website. Do you have any questions about our features, servers? Do you need help with your hosting account or installing WordPress? Even before you choose a web hosting at BrickellHost, our customer support will be more than a happy to help you with the right plan for your website. No matter what, we are always here to help you.

We are experienced in the hosting industry, server management, and WordPress developers. You can reach out to us through Support Ticket or live chat.

Speed, security and Stability

All of our hosting solutions are powered by High-Performance SSD storage drives in Raid 10 configuration.

Raid10 is a way to store data across multiple SSD drives in order to offer better speed or redundancy, and both disks are mirroring data. If one SSD drive fails, your website will be loaded from the second SSD drive and you will not experience any downtime.

Other feature that comes with all of our hosting solutions is DDoS Attack Prevention is monitoring all network traffic (not just web traffic, like other providers) and we do not charge for this. It is included with your hosting plan for free.

For the maximum website speed and performance, now you can choose where to host your website. We have 9+ worldwide server locations where you can choose to host closer to your visitors for maximum performance.

Free website backups

We know that having website backups is very important for many reasons. Sometimes it gets overwhelming to make sure that your website is backed up with the latest updates. With our Web hosting, WordPress hosting and Reseller hosting plans we offer Free daily and weekly backups.

These backups are stored every day at midnight on remote servers where all of your data is saved, including your full cPanel account, all of your files, and your databases. For your convenience, you have access to restore any of these backups, at any time with 1-click from your cPanel account.

This feature is free for every customer at Brickellhost, we do not charge for it, while some other providers are offering it as additional service.

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Rob Peel
1 year ago

Informative and useful article for beginners.

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